Hailey Magee
Transformation Coach

Hailey Magee.jpeg

Hailey Magee is a Transformation Coach who helps women live authentic lives on their own terms. Trained at Erickson Coaching International, Hailey is a coach, a writer, a public speaker, and the founder of Talisman Music Group, the first and only career coaching group explicitly for emerging musicians. 

Hailey developed a passion for coaching following a period of challenging personal transformation. During her mid-20s, Hailey realized that throughout her life, she had always put others' needs and expectations before her own. Her career, relationships, and habits weren't serving her own deepest desires. Once she began to examine this pattern, Hailey dared to ask herself, for the first time: What do I want my life to look like? Who do I want to be? What is possible? Her answers illustrated a very different life from the one she was living.

Amazed by the chasm between what was and what could be, Hailey began the transformation of living in alignment with her authentic self. She began to design the life she'd always imagined. Within three years, Hailey became a full-time entrepreneur, founded two independent businesses, began traveling the world as a digital nomad, and developed a new web of healthy relationships. Throughout it all, she made a commitment to honor her authentic self and speak truthfully and honestly.

During this transformation, Hailey's life has steadily become home to freedom, creativity, and curiosity. Her deep gratitude for this new journey inspired in her a profound desire to help others discover the joy of authenticity. She began her training as a certified coach to help others find that freedom.

Hailey has worked with over 100 clients of all ages across the United States and Canada.  Though the questions her clients address are diverse, Hailey senses in all of her clients the profound desire to find greater clarity, inspiration, and transformation.

Hailey is currently accepting new clients. You can contact her here and learn more about Transformation Coaching here.