Do you want to…

  • Create an outside-the-box professional path that rewards you monetarily and soulfully?
  • Explore the road less traveled and design a flexible, abundant life?
  • Experience the world in the spirit of mindfulness and presence?
  • Embrace heart-centeredness and intuition?

Do you want to be...

  • A founder or entrepreneur?
  • A maker, creator, inventor, or artist?
  • A digital nomad, couch-surfer, or world traveler?
  • An expectation-defier or intuitive decision-maker?

Trailblazer Coaching gives you support, clarity, and inspiration as you explore uncharted territory in pursuit of your dreams.

When you pursue your innermost vision for an authentic life lived on your own terms, you will develop a resilient, empowered sense of self. This firm self-definition will enable you to speak your truth, set healthy boundaries, respect your own spirit, body, and mind, and develop healthy, balanced relationships. A trailblazer's life is an inspiring, happy life.

Together, we confront the five challenges all Trailblazers face: fear of failure, difficulty translating vision into action, isolation, instability, and toxic comparisons. We convert those challenges into a customized toolkit for your success:

  • Fear of Failure becomes A Vision for Success
  • Difficulty Translating Vision Into Action becomes Concrete Goals and an Action Plan
  • Isolation becomes Support and Community
  • Instability becomes Resilience and A Taste For Adventure
  • Toxic Comparisons become Self-Empowerment and Confidence

    Sounds rad, right? Here's how it works:

    Uncommon Coaching For Trailblazers.jpg

    Phase I: Discover

    • As your coach, I create an unconditionally supportive space where you can access your desires and explore your dreams in an inspiring environment.
    • Together, we confront self-doubt and embrace the wellspring of possibilities that live within you.

    Phase II: Design

    • As your coach, I help you deploy your dreams and design your life on the road less traveled.
    • Together, we craft your customized definition of success and envision the particulars of a new future, one that reflects your core values.

    Phase III: Trailblaze

    • As your coach, I support you as you actualize the flexible, lucrative, experience-rich lifestyle you've envisioned.
    • Together, we develop your pioneering professional path, transcendent spiritual practice, nourishing lifestyle, and more.

    Phase IV: Transform

    • As your coach, I help you integrate the transformations you’ve witnessed into your daily life.
    • Together, we hold you accountable to your vision and celebrate your successes along the way.

    Yes, it's actually as rad as it sounds.
    Ready to trailblaze?