I can’t thank Hailey enough for motivating me and helping me find a stronger voice in this world.
— Carlin, Proud Full-Time Parent
Working with Hailey has completely changed my life. She has held me accountable and given me perspectives on my career - and my life - that I’d been unable to see myself. Truly a transformative experience. Work with this woman!
— Hana, Pop Singer-Songwriter
I’ve enjoyed my 12 sessions with Hailey so much! Knowing something and actually practising it (working your truth and boundary muscles) are two different things. I am so glad I had an accountability partner to check on me and to steer me where necessary. Thank you Hailey for your kind approach on my personal development journey! I loved it all!
— Cheryl, Wellness Coach
Jenee Halstead
I always tell people that Hailey is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. I love our meetings. I have profound growth and insight every time we work together. This is soulful and personal development at its best!
— Jenee, Vocal & Self-Expression Coach, Spiritual Teacher
Wrapped up my 12 sessions with Hailey today... There was something in the way Hailey would listen and confirm my feelings that made me feel incredibly safe and brave. I visualized myself in a leadership role I could never before dare to imagine. And now I have actual, useful tools to obtain my goals: setting intentions, creating do-able steps, journaling, noticing how something good makes me feel. Thank you, Hailey!
— Maura, LMT
Working with Hailey has has been an AMAZING experience because she helps me identify areas for change and growth so that I can get closer to the end result: my dream. The journey has been incredible because each week I gain insight about myself and have truly grown from it. I look forward to her call each and every week. Never knew how valuable this would be in my life!
— Debbie, Business Coach, Founder of The Naked Truth
Working with Hailey over the last two years has been hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my career. Her energy and passion for seeing her clients grow is evident in every coaching session. She works to help identify and achieve the goals that matter to you, and offers alternative approaches or ways of thinking where it can really make a difference. I leave every meeting feeling more confident in my work and inspired to keep it up.
— Dan, Performing Musician
Hailey is so wonderful and her services are so useful. She has helped me stay focused on my goals and how to achieve them. I’m so glad I found out about her. Highly recommend!
— Olivia, Student, Clark University
Working with Hailey has been a blast. She patiently guides me through coaching exercises with a genuine and personal touch, which helps me to discover values and goals that feel uniquely my own. Although she’s deliberate and professional, she also gets very vicariously excited about seeing progress. That excitement in our sessions has made planning concrete action steps to reach my goals feel less like a chore and more like a joy.
— Matt, Professor
Hailey is incredibly organized and thorough in her approach to coaching. She takes the jumbled thoughts in my head about my career and life goals and helps me translate them into actionable thoughts and next steps. Highly recommend!
— Chelsea, Progressive Political Campaigns Consultant
Working with Hailey has brought me clarity, inspiration, and motivation and I am so very grateful for it.
— Nate, Paralegal
Hailey is a joy to work with! Knowledgeable and supportive, she fosters introspection and ambition in a personalized way.
— Julia, Singer-Songwriter

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