Codependency Recovery Coaching Packages:
Find Freedom and Put Your Truth Into Action

The Truth Into Action Package

By the end of this program, you will experience the utter freedom that emerges when you put your truth into action. Designed to unearth authentic communication within and with others, this program is for you if you thrive with the one-one-one support of a coach who holds you accountable and celebrates your success on the road to recovery. The Truth Into Action Package is your opportunity to discover and manifest what you really want from your life and relationships.

The 24/7 Support Package

By the end of this program, you will experience the boundless freedom that emerges when you communicate authentically in every realm of your life. This program is for you if you thrive with access to round-the-clock support as you courageously put your truth into action in your personal, professional, and romantic relationships. My premium program, the 24/7 Support Package is your chance to prioritize your own growth and happiness with 24/7 support from an expert coach.

What’s Included?

Facebook Support Group Membership

Facebook Support Group.jpg

Get 24/7 support with our Facebook Support Group, Put Your Truth Into Action: a group of individuals who are journeying toward freedom, self-respect, and confidence by speaking their truth and setting boundaries in their relationships. Members share personal stories and challenges, exchange articles and resources, and celebrate victories along the way.

Monthly Put Your Truth Into Action Webinar

Put Your Truth Into Action Webinar

Each Put Your Truth Into Action webinar distills a model of codependency recovery by a respected thought-leader and breaks it down into an accessible, interactive 30-minute presentation. Each webinar includes a short exercise designed to help you apply the principles discussed to your own recovery journey. Throughout this series, we'll explore frameworks from renowned psychologists to acclaimed slam poets, social justice activists to social scientists. 

Weekly Journaling Discoveries

Weekly Journaling Discoveries

In order to put our truth into action, we must first have a clear sense of our truth. Weekly Journaling Discoveries are designed to help you develop the clarity and insight you’ll need to craft the lifestyle and relationships that best serve you. Discoveries will explore your values; your deepest desires and passions; your unique skills and capacities; your boundaries; and your vision for your future. Each discovery takes approximately 45 minutes.

Weekly Accountability Steps

Accountability Steps

Accountability steps help you take powerful, impactful steps toward your goals each week. Leave every coaching session with a clear list of accountability steps that is custom-designed to enhance your unique journey toward recovery. Incorporating actions both big and small, accountability steps enable you to build new habits, pursue your passions, and speak your truth in your relationships.

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