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Address: 929 Broadway #2, Somerville, MA, 02144



Hailey Magee has always believed that storytelling is a powerful tool to build community, change lives, heal, and grow. A longtime pillar of the New England music community, Magee uses her Martin guitar and 23 years of pure, unadulterated lived experience to transform her stories into acoustic folk songs that unapologetically explore morality, taboo, and the peaks and valleys of the human experience.

A Boston transplant from a small New Jersey farming town, Magee picked up the clarinet at age 8 and never looked back. She spent her high school years collecting musical ensembles like lucky pennies - marching bands, choirs, jazz bands, and more - before finally finding her voice when she borrowed her roommate’s guitar freshman year of college. Magee spent her early adulthood performing at open mics and on-campus coffeehouses before graduating to small clubs and venues on the Boston outskirts, where she developed a distinctive style that combined her intimate, poetic lyrics with warm, open melodies and skilled guitar accompaniments. Her performance abilities are complemented by the intricacy and honesty of her songwriting, described by Red Line Roots as “a fury of words that have a whole sh*tload of emotion behind them.” She released her debut EP “This Beautiful Machine” in August 2015, and is currently weaving together a tapestry of original songs that will compose her first full-length album to be released in 2018.

A local music enthusiast and natural trailblazer, Magee has made it her mission to connect with every musician, venue, and organization that Boston has to offer. In 2014 she founded EBASS (Emerging Boston Area Singer-Songwriters) to provide a space for emerging artists to connect and collaborate. Every day she found herself falling deeper in love with the natural energy of Boston’s music scene, performing everywhere from the Middle East Upstairs to Club Passim’s campfire weekend Festival. Nominated in 2016 as the Limelight Magazine’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Magee is recognized equally for her work as an independent musician and her dedication to bring life and community to Boston’s music scene.

In 2015, Magee abandoned her long-time aspirations to work in politics to pursue music in all its forms. She joined the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation and founded Talisman Music Group, an artist consultant business dedicated to elevating local musicians to their maximum potential. Forever an advocate at heart, Magee harkened back to her training in politics to build a movement for gender equality in the Boston music scene after learning that women made up 16% of performers in local venues. Magee organized a sold-out concert - The Power of Disbelief - that highlighted stellar local female artists and demanded egalitarian booking practices. Magee continues to organize around this issue, offering Women in the Boston Music Scene workshops to Girls Rock Campaign Boston and other local organizations. 


Red Line Roots: "Track of the Week: Hailey Magee's Royal Blue"
"An artist who is not only talented, but extremely generous in her time giving back to the community... Her song just leaves you in this “holy crap, what just happened” sort of a state. Keeps you wondering, keeps you thinking about the song, and then you listen again. Magee is well worth a listen.” - Brian Carroll

Daily Free Press: "'The Power of Disbelief Concert' Sparks Gender Representation Conversation"
"Hailey Magee, a 22-year-old rising singer-songwriter, is a fighter. Her passion for sharing stories through her music has always driven her to take chances and put herself out there, but she recently realized there was an obstacle in her path...Magee founded EBASS in 2014. Friday was EBASS’s first concert directed at the issue of female inequality in the music scene, and its primary mission was to give aspiring musicians a place to grow and perform. Reaching the room’s full capacity, more than 90 concertgoers squeezed into Lilypad, a cozy performance venue in Cambridge." - Elise Takahama

Red Line Roots: "Show You Should Know: Rusted Bucket Band, Ryan Alvanos & Hailey Magee @ Middle East Upstairs, May 1st"
"The Rusted Bucket Band: 'Hailey Magee is new to our scene and coming out of the gate with guns a blazing. When Ryan and I talked about having another local musician as a solo act at the start of the night, she quickly came to mind. It’s inspiring when you see someone who just innately has the whole package, especially at a young age, and this gal is exactly that type of situation. We couldn’t be happier about this line-up.'" - Brian Carroll

The Brandeis Hoot: "Fall In Love with 'Limerence,' by Magee '15"
" I was surprised at how full this EP felt. She fit a wide range of both emotions and lyrics into this EP’s modest length. It is brimming with memorable melodies, vivid lyrics and satisfyingly woven songs. It isn’t just a couple of desperate, poorly recorded, college demos; it’s a declaration of a confident and skilled singer-songwriter.... Her singing is irresistibly easy to listen to: always clean, gentle and full of personality." - Nate Shaffer



  • The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA
  • Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
  • The Burren, Somerville, MA
  • The Spire Center for the Performing Arts, Plymouth, MA
  • Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA
  • Rosebud Diner, Somerville, MA
  • Dedham Square Coffeehouse, Dedham, MA
  • Life Alive, Cambridge, MA
  • Out of the Blue Art Gallery, Cambridge, MA
  • The Armory Cafe, Somerville, MA
  • Peabody Library, Peabody, MA
  • Hunneman Hall, Brookline, MA
  • Fitzwilliam Inn, Fitzwilliam, NH


  • The Newton Theatre, Newton, NJ
  • The Path Cafe, New York City, NY
  • Ale N' Wich Pub, New Brunswick, NJ
  • The Electric Maid, Washington, DC


  • 95.5 WATD: Almost Famous with John Shea
  • WEMF Radio: Citywide Blackout with Max Bowen
  • WEMF Radio: Nash n' Spo with Dave Crespo






Emerging Boston Area Singer-Songwriters: Founder and Director

Talisman Music Group: Founder and Artist Manager

House of Blues Music Forward Foundation: Program Coordinator

Girls Rock Campaign Boston: Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

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