"PACTV Community News: Almost Famous WATD At The Spire"

PCN Almost Famous | June 8, 2016


"Every Tuesday night from 8pm to 10pm on WATD 95.9 fm a program called Almost Famous showcases local musicians trying to get their start in the business. For five years the show has grown and given many artists the chance to be heard. To celebrate, a concert was held at the Spire featuring many of these previously showcased artists and a portion of the ticket sales went to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Plymouth. PCN was happy to be there!"

See the official video here.

"EBASS: Revitalizing A Community of Songwriters"

Red Line Roots | Brian Carroll | December 15, 2015


"Last week I walked into Hailey Magee's house with a camera, some recording equipment and offered to shoot live, one-take videos for a collection of 9 up and coming Boston area songwriters for a fraction of what I would normally charge for something like that....Community building is at the heart and what is important....There is hope and people trying to make a difference. One of those folks is Hailey Magee and just a year into establishing EBASS (Emerging Boston Area Singer Songwriters) she has created a safe place and community for those folks looking for it.

Original music and lyrics by Sophie Kohn. Video shot by Brian Carroll.

Magee says that she noticed the chasm between emerging local artists and “established” performers in Boston. Talented emerging musicians had difficulty booking gigs, promoting shows, collaborating with others, and developing strong audiences because, as newcomers to the city scene, they didn’t have the resources they needed. Hoping to break down the barriers that separated new and established artists, she created a Facebook group which soon erupted into having over 500 members and garnering the attention of 20 community partnerships...

In a short time there has been much movement and an evolution with the collective of songwriters with Magee at the forefront. When asked about the progress and growth of the group she remarks, “I feel so, so good about EBASS, and ridiculously lucky to work with all of our partners who have helped get EBASS off the ground. We’ve gone from 100 to 500 members in six months, held over 15 events, and are starting an open mic in January. We’ve even received funds from donors who think we’re on the right track. The driving factor is really the need, in this community, for a community that acknowledges, respects, and books emerging talent, resources notwithstanding. Every EBASS member can relate to that need, and they’ve been amazing in helping make it a reality....”

Read the full article here.

Red Line Roots Track of the Week: Hailey Magee "Royal Blue"

"This week’s track of the week comes from an artist who is not only talented, but extremely generous in her time giving back to the community. Hailey Magee has spent the better part of this year building a community around herself and young songwriters in town. EBASS has become a wonderful thing for folks who may not have realized they have folks they can reach out to, share gigs, talk about writing…a community (and you know we love community here at RLR)."

Continue reading here: http://www.redlineroots.com/2015/08/track-of-the-week-hailey-magee-royal-blue/

Liste to Royal Blue here: https://haileymagee.bandcamp.com/track/royal-blue