Dream Big. Speak Boldly. Live Radiantly.

Certified by Erickson Coaching International, I have helped over 100 women throughout the United States and Canada set clear boundaries and communicate authentically. It can be challenging to communicate authentically in a culture that pressures us to conform, perform, and put others' needs before our own. With a strong foundation of support, we can break out of the roles society has defined for us to live authentic, rich, rewarding lives. We can be free.

What Makes Authentic Communication Coaching Unique?

It’s Client-Centered

  • Authentic Communication Coaching accesses your inner resources and skills in support of your vision for success. It’s an advice-free, unconditionally supportive space where you can explore your desires and dreams.

It’s Systemic

  • Authentic Communication Coaching acknowledges and celebrates your holistic being. Together, we create positive change that fits into the landscape of your life, and ensure that new habits you create are ecological and sustainable.

It’s Solution-Focused

  • Authentic Communication Coaching moves you toward your desired outcomes and future vision instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction.

It’s Action-Oriented

  • Authentic Communication Coaching supports you as you pursue transformational change in specific, inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behavior and habit formation. Together, we hold you accountable to your vision and celebrate your successes along the way.

During Coaching Sessions, We Discover:

Authentic Communication Within.
Do you dare…

  • To discover your core values and passions?

  • To speak your personal story with confidence?

  • To define what “success” and “happiness” really mean to you?

  • To say no to the clutter so you can say yes to what really matters?

  • To craft your vision for the life of your dreams?

Authentic Communication In Your Relationships.
Do you dare…

  • To welcome balanced, supportive, nourishing relationships into your life?

  • To set firm, clear boundaries that make you feel safe, strong, and empowered?

  • To communicate honestly with loved ones?

  • To give of your time, money, and energy when it excites you?

  • To embrace vulnerability and express love, appreciation, and admiration?

Coach’s Note: On Privilege and Coaching

I work as an Authentic Communication Coach because I fundamentally believe in the power of coaching to change lives. In The Blog, I share my own journeys with topics commonly addressed in coaching, including boundary-setting and speaking truth; sitting with discomfort; and overcoming addiction in favor of presence and wellness. Every person comes to coaching with a different story, a different background, and a different set of resources. Every person is uniquely affected by privilege and forces beyond her control, including systemic racism, ageism, sexism and ableism; income inequality and access to education; and more.

I believe that each person has a sphere of influence within her life. Within that sphere are the things she has control over. Outside of that sphere are the things she doesn’t. For some people — particularly for those who are privileged, white, and wealthy — that sphere is larger. For some, it is smaller. My coaching helps all people access as much of that sphere as possible so they can work within it to improve their lives and communicate authentically. If you have additional questions about how my coaching addresses issues of privilege and inequality, please contact me.