Codependency Recovery Coaching:
A One-Way Road to Freedom

Codependency Recovery Coaching combines a selection of science-backed coaching modalities to give you the tools you need to find inner freedom, discover your innermost self, and put your truth into action.

The Put Your Truth Into Action © Framework

I created the Put Your Truth Into Action © Framework because I understand that my clients seek to make changes not only to themselves, but to their relationships as well. Beginning with personal shifts and moving into relational shifts, Codependency Recovery Coaching guides you through four phases which ultimately lead you to live in alignment with your innermost self:

Put Your Truth Into Action

During the Personal and Relational Truth phases, you enjoy innovative coaching exercises designed to excavate your core values, desires, identity, and vision. During the Personal and Relational Action phases, you take the insights you’ve gleaned and practice them in your daily life.

Speaking your truth is like a muscle; the more you practice, the easier it becomes. The Put Your Truth Into Action © Framework is designed to facilitate actionable habit change that lasts long beyond the 12-week coaching program.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that makes shifts to one’s neurological processes, language patterns, and behavioral patterns to achieve specific goals. It is an experiential approach that encourages clients to take direct action and learn from their experience. NLP asserts that every change — whether it is a change to a habit, a behavior, or a feeling — occurs across six levels of change:

  • Vision and Purpose

  • Identity

  • Values

  • Skills and Capabilities

  • Behaviors and Actions

  • Environment

Even the simplest change — e.g., “I want to set a boundary with my partner” — creates a tidal shift across these six planes. Changing your behavior by setting that boundary simultaneously sparks a shift in your skills (assertiveness, effective communication), your values (honesty, integrity), your identity (a woman who speaks her truth), and your vision (“All of my relationships are healthy and honest.”). My coaching explores all six levels in depth.

Additional Influences

My coaching approach adapts tools from experts in the fields of psychology, mental health counseling, and social change. A sampling of these influences include:

  • Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and best-selling author of The Dance of Intimacy and more

  • Ross Rosenberg, psychotherapist and author of The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

  • Christien Storm, mental health therapist and author of Empowered Boundaries: Speaking Truth, Setting Boundaries, and Inspiring Social Change

  • Melody Beattie, best-selling author of Codependent No More and Beyond Codependency

  • Pia Mellody, lecturer, educator, and author of Facing Codependence

  • James Prochaska, Professor of Psychology at the University of Rhode Island and author of Changing For Good

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