From Day One of my coaching practice, I knew I wanted to work with:

  • The digital nomad who travels the country with one backpack to her name.

  • The seeker who embraces spirituality after the death of a loved one.

  • The heavy drinker who pursues sobriety.

  • The middle-aged veterinarian who works to break free of his codependency.

  • The corporate banker who explores polyamory for the first time.

  • The lawyer who left her practice to become a self-employed photographer.

  • The father who wants to make amends with his estranged daughter.

At first, I didn't see the common thread that wove these people together. Then, it hit me with a sudden clarity:

These people seek and live their essential truth.

Their truth is essential because it has always been within them. Their lifelong work lies in uncovering and living that essential truth in a culture that pressures them to conform, perform, and put others' needs before their own. These people break out of the roles society has defined for them to live authentic, rich, rewarding lives.

They want to be free.

I believe that living your essential truth is the simplest way of existing in this complex world. It’s amazing how much space opens in your life when you stop living from a conflictual place of self-delusion. Instead of constantly choosing how to act or what to say, there is always one choice: The choice that is true for you. Living your essential truth is the compass that can guide you through your most difficult times.

Coaching provides a creative and empowering space for you to uncover your essential truth without judgment or pressure. During coaching, you develop a resilient, empowered sense of self. This firm self-definition enables you to speak your truth, set healthy boundaries, respect your own spirit, body, and mind, and develop healthy, balanced relationships.

During coaching, we work together to:

Live Your Essential Truth Within Yourself

  • Discover your core values and passions

  • Identify your positive and negative self-talk

  • Give yourself permission to learn what you really want out of life

  • Craft your vision for the life of your dreams

Live Your Essential Truth With Others

  • Prioritize and openly communicate your needs and desires

  • Handle emotionally-charged interactions with non-reactivity, presence, and honesty

  • Celebrate and express love, appreciation, and admiration

  • Give of your time, money, and energy only when you want to

  • Avoid placating others at your own expense

  • Avoid feeling guilty when you do what is best for you

Craft Your Lifestyle Around Your Essential Truth

  • Design your lifestyle around your deepest values

  • Create a career that utilizes and amplifies your intrinsic gifts

  • Develop a community with whom you feel connected, respected, and truly seen

  • Work through fear and self-doubt to embrace unexplored hobbies and passions

  • Define what “success” and “happiness” mean to you

The Four Phases of Coaching

Phase I: Discover

Four Phases
  • As your coach, I create an unconditionally supportive space where you can access your desires and explore your dreams in an inspiring environment.

  • Together, we confront self-doubt and embrace the wellspring of possibilities that live within you.

Phase II: Design

  • As your coach, I help you deploy your dreams and design your lifestyle.

  • Together, we craft your customized definition of success and envision the particulars of a new future, one that reflects your core values.

Phase III: Trailblaze

  • As your coach, I support you as you actualize the lifestyle you've envisioned.

  • Together, we develop your pioneering professional path, transcendent spiritual practice, nourishing lifestyle, and more.

Phase IV: Transform

  • As your coach, I help you integrate the transformations you’ve witnessed into your daily life.

  • Together, we hold you accountable to your vision and celebrate your successes along the way.