Codependency Recovery Coaching:
A One-Way Road to Freedom

If you leave conflicts wishing you’d spoken up for yourself, over-commit to draining obligations, or give more than you receive in your relationships, your inner truth is out of alignment with your actions. You may feel dissatisfied, resentful, and exhausted from putting others’ needs before your own. You may feel like a shadow of the woman you know you could be.

Every day, you communicate in two arenas: personally and relationally. You cannot set firm boundaries or speak your truth with others if you haven’t yet learned how to communicate authentically with yourself.

Codependency Recovery Coaching is a one-way road to freedom. Using the Put Your Truth Into Action © Framework, Codependency Recovery Coaching guides you through four phases: Personal Truth, Personal Action, Relational Truth, and Relational Action.

Put Your Truth Into Action

During the Personal and Relational Truth phases, you enjoy innovative coaching exercises designed to excavate your core values, desires, identity, and vision. During the Personal and Relational Action phases, you take the insights you’ve gleaned and practice them in your daily life. Speaking your truth is like a muscle; the more you practice, the easier it becomes. The Put Your Truth Into Action © Framework is designed to facilitate actionable habit change that lasts long beyond the 12-week coaching program.

When you put your truth into action across these four phases, you enjoy the freedom, confidence, and self-respect of living in alignment with your innermost self.

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