Hailey Magee

Boston | MA

As the founder of the 600-member music community EBASS, Hailey has extensive experience managing and promoting musicians.

Hailey works her artists to develop their brand; build performance calendars; identify their natural audience; promote their shows using standard and alternative forums; and develop relationships with other artists and bookers in Boston and beyond.

With an extensive list of connections with Boston-based venues, bookers, radio stations, organizations, and press, Hailey works to connects her artists with the opportunities that suit them best. Her services include:

  • Personal brand development
  • Audience identification and targeting
  • Local and regional booking
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual timeline development
  • Social media management across all platforms
  • Comprehensive promotional services, including live photography, media outreach, press releases, digital marketing, and more

If you are interested in hiring Hailey as your manager, or participating in a one-time consultation, contact her here