A10-week, interactive group journaling course that gives you the tools you need to speak your truth and set healthy boundaries in your relationships.

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Dreams. Values. Identity. Vision. These are the building blocks of self. Without them, it’s easy to let others define us, wait for others to speak up for us, and prioritize others’ needs over our own. With them, we have the strong foundation we need to set firm boundaries, prioritize our own needs, and fearlessly speak our truth.

The Finding Inner Freedom Course is a 10-week, interactive group journaling course that excavates and illuminates your inner truth. Combining weekly journal prompts with the support of a 24/7 interactive community, the Finding Inner Freedom Course gives you the tools you need to put your truth into action.

The Basics

Using the Put Your Truth Into Action© Framework, the Finding Inner Freedom Course guides you as you:

Put Your Truth Into Action
  • Demystify your hidden desires and dreams

  • Unearth your core values

  • Define what happiness really looks like for you

  • Envision your template for happy and healthy relationships

  • Craft clear language to facilitate empowered boundary-setting in all of your relationships

Speaking your truth is like a muscle; the more you practice, the easier it becomes. The Finding Inner Freedom Course is designed to facilitate actionable habit change that lasts long beyond the 10-week course. By the end of this course, you will have the all of the tools you need to:

  • Speak your truth with confidence

  • Fearlessly prioritize your passions

  • Evacuate draining commitments and relationships that no longer serve you

  • Communicate authentically with friends, family, lovers, & colleagues

  • Set firm boundaries with others

  • Welcome nourishing, mutual relationships into your life

The Community

I can’t thank Hailey enough for motivating me and helping me find a stronger voice in this world.
— C.T.
Knowing something and actually practising it (working your truth and boundary muscles) are two different things. I am so glad I had an accountability partner to check on me and to steer me where necessary.
— Cheryl

For years, many of us felt alone in our struggle to speak our truth and bring our authentic selves to our relationships. In this course, you will walk the path of self-discovery alongside women are digging out from beneath layers of people-pleasing to live from a place of authenticity and alignment, just like you. These women have been waiting to discover who they really are and what they really want — just like you.

For this reason, the Finding Inner Freedom Facebook Community is the lifeblood of this course. Revel in the joy of feeling truly seen and heard as you and the other course participants explore thought-provoking questions designed to facilitate co-discovery and community each week.

Throughout the course, the Facebook Community is your safe container where you can share wins, challenges, and resources, all while supporting other members of your cohort along the way.

How It Works

The Finding Inner Freedom Course guides you through 10 self-discovery modules. Each module includes:

  • A 45-minute journaling prompt assigned on Monday morning

  • A series of 2-4 thought-provoking questions posed in the Finding Inner Freedom Community throughout the week

  • Customized action steps to apply your journaling insights to your daily life

By investing the time and energy in completing the journaling prompts and interacting with the other participants in your cohort, you demonstrate to your inner self that you are worthy of self-reflection, self-care, and self-investment. As we recover from codependency, these are exactly the messages our inner selves need to hear.

The Finding Inner Freedom Course is structured as follows:

  • Orientation: Introductions and Course Guidelines

  • Week 1: Assess Your Self-Care Needs

  • Week 2: Unearth Your Core Values

  • Week 3: Identify Your Skills and Capacities

  • Week 4: Demystify Your Dreams and Desires

  • Week 5: Create Balance

  • Week 6: Challenge Roadblocks to Change

  • Week 7: Conduct a Commitment Cleanse

  • Week 8: Illuminate Unspoken Truths

  • Week 9: Design Firm Boundaries

  • Week 10: Celebrate Your Transformation

Early Bird Registration Ends on June 26

The Summer 2019 Finding Inner Freedom Course will take place from July 15, 2019 — September 22, 2019. Have questions? Shoot me a message.

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