What Is Codependency?

Great question! Visit the What Is Codependency? page to get a comprehensive definition and learn more about codependency’s origin and defining characteristics.

What Makes A Coach Different From A Therapist Or A Consultant?

As your coach, I provide you the empowering and unconditionally supportive space to clarify your vision for your future and determine the steps to get there. Unlike therapy, coaching is future-focused; we spend our time considering possibilities, not past problems or pathologies. Unlike a consultant, I believe that you are the expert in your own dreams and goals, and my role is to assist you in your own process of self-actualization. I view my clients as whole, complete human beings who have all of the resources they need to design their most fulfilling lives.

Am I Ready For Coaching?

If you are ready to commit to experience the freedom, confidence, and self-respect that emerge when you put your truth into action, Codependency Recovery Coaching is right for you. You don't need to have all of the answers. That's what coaching is for! Our work together will clarify your path, hold you accountable to your vision, and celebrate your successes along the way. You can learn more about the different coaching packages I offer here.

What Is A Coaching Session Like?

A coaching session is a one-on-one, 45-minute telephone call. At the beginning of the call, we determine the best way of spending our time together. Throughout the session, we hone in on your action plan, paying special attention to your innate resources and capabilities that will bring your vision to life. Every session ends with a celebration of your efforts and a clear plan of action steps you will take between sessions. You can learn more about my approach here.

If I Become A Client, How Often Will We Have Coaching Sessions?

Coaching sessions take place on a regular, weekly basis. After working together for the 12-week duration of a coaching package, some clients choose to transition to a monthly or bi-monthly meeting. We can determine a frequency that works best for you. You can learn more about the different coaching packages I offer here.

How Long Does A Coaching Relationship Last?

My coaching packages are a 12-week commitment. This is to ensure that the transformations we enact have time to become habitual. At the end of that 12-week period, we revisit your Coaching Agreement and mutually determine if we’d like to continue working together.

How Does Your Coaching Practice Address Issues of Privilege and Inequality?

I work as a Codependency Recovery Coach because I fundamentally believe in the power of coaching to change lives. Every person comes to coaching with a different story, a different background, and a different set of resources. Every person is uniquely affected by privilege and forces beyond her control, including systemic racism, ageism, sexism and ableism; income inequality and access to education; and more.

I believe that each person has a sphere of influence within her life. Within that sphere are the things she has control over. Outside of that sphere are the things she doesn’t. For some people — particularly for those who are privileged, white, and wealthy — that sphere is larger. For some, it is smaller. My coaching helps all people access as much of that sphere as possible so they can work within it to improve their lives and put their truth into action.

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