A two-week, action-oriented coaching program that fits into your schedule and your budget.

Catalyst Coaching

You dream of feeling boundless freedom and fearless confidence.

You dream of becoming a person who speaks bold truths, sets healthy boundaries, and feels the sweet peace of living in alignment with her innermost self.

You know you want this more than anything.
You're just not sure how to start.

Catalyst Coaching is a two-week coaching program that gives you the confidence and support you need to stop dreaming and start becoming. During the program, we work together to design and implement an action plan that will bring your vision to life.

Speaking your truth and setting boundaries is like working a muscle; hard at first, but easier with exercise. Catalyst Coaching helps you take the leap and create the change you’ve been waiting for.

How It Works

Many personal development programs focus exclusively on our actions and behaviors. As a Codependency Recovery Coach, I understand that when we set boundaries and speak our truth, we’re doing more than changing how we act. We’re actually changing who we are.

Catalyst Coaching is a high-impact, two-week coaching program that is guided by your vision of who you will become when you set boundaries, speak your truth, live in alignment with your innermost self. Using this identity-based framework for change, Catalyst Coaching is customized to suit your unique vision and goals. All you need to do is come prepared with something you want.

  • It could be a feeling: peace, confidence, joy.

  • It could be a relationship: friendships, romantic partnerships, colleagues.

  • It could be clarity around an important decision or next step.

  • It could be balance among different parts of your life.

  • It could be a plan for an action you hope to take, a boundary you hope to set, or a goal you hope to achieve.

With this desire as your compass, Catalyst Coaching helps you create and execute the action plan that will bring this desire to life.

What’s Included

Catalyst Coaching is a two-week, five-part program that includes:

  1. A virtual consultation where you will share some of your story and your intention for our session

  2. A 50-minute coaching session conducted via phone

  3. A customized action plan that you will implement over the following two weeks

  4. A journaling prompt to assist you as you reflect on, and integrate, what we discussed during our coaching session

  5. A 20-minute follow-up session to measure your progress, celebrate your growth, and determine next steps

How To Sign Up

  • Catalyst Coaching is $499 payable via Square.

  • When you click “Register Now,” you will be directed to a page where you can submit your payment.

  • When I receive your payment, I will contact you via email to schedule your first, 50-minute coaching session. Please allow up to 2 weeks for scheduling.

  • Once we have our session on the calendar, I will send you your virtual consultation.

Ready to take the leap?