When Healing Becomes Perfectionism (and How to Get Back On Track)

Earlier this spring, the Wall Street Journal released an article proclaiming that millennials are the therapy generation. With the rising acceptability of therapy, the proliferation of coaching, and the growing popularity of meditation, reiki, and radical self-care, it seems we millennials have more opportunities than ever to customize our pathways to healing.

I’m a proud member of the therapy generation. I like deconstructing my patterns and healing my wounds. I’m a dedicated therapy attendee, make my living as a Codependency Recovery Coach, and spend a lot of my brain-power unpacking past experiences, establishing new routines and habits, and monitoring myself for unprocessed triggers.

The work of healing soothes me. It gives me a direction, a plan, something to do. I was surprised, then, when I realized that the final phase of my healing journey wasn’t work at all, but the opposite. Only when I stopped doing, and trusted in all I’d done so far, could I be truly free.

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