Hailey Magee

Trained at Erickson Coaching International, I am a personal coach, writer, digital nomad, and the founder of Talisman Music Group. I believe that every person’s purpose is to live her richest, most beautiful life - and I believe that this can only be achieved from a place of essential truth. My purpose as a coach is to help you find that place.

Living from my essential truth has changed my life profoundly. For my first 21 years, I climbed a narrow ladder in the hope of achieving “success.” On the outside I was happy, escalating at my job in politics and maintaining an active social life. But on the inside, I was burned out and dissatisfied. My natural gifts for community-building and active listening weren’t respected in my workplace. I neglected my body by drinking, under-eating, and over-exercising. I experienced deep bouts of anxiety that shook me to my core.

As I reflected on my unhappiness, I realized that my suffering was rooted in untruthfulness - untruthfulness to myself, to others, and within my lifestyle.

I felt uninspired working in a job that didn't reflect my values. I felt isolated from friends, lovers, and colleagues because I struggled to be fully honest with them. I felt tension within my family because I hadn't expressed age-old resentments. I relied on drinking, sex, and social media to blur my emotional landscape so I could avoid feeling whatever I was truly feeling in the moment. I realized suddenly that I sometimes avoided living from my truth because I was terrified of it. Other times, I was totally unsure of my truth because I hadn’t taken the time to discover it - usually because living by society’s rules seemed easier!

For the first time, I began to pay attention to the dissatisfaction that manifested in my heart, body, and mind. Bit by bit, I began to trust my own vision for my work, relationships, and lifestyle - even when those visions bucked the norm of what society deemed appropriate. For the first time, I began to live my essential truth.

Here’s where it’s led me:

  • At age 22, I quit my full-time job in politics and pursued a career in Boston’s music industry.
  • Later that year, I founded Talisman Music Group, a career coaching group business for musicians in New England.
  • At age 23, I quit drinking and committed to a sober lifestyle.
  • Later that year, I became fully self-employed.
  • At age 24, I experienced a painful heartbreak and came face-to-face with my own codependency, sparking a lifelong process of healing and discovery.
  • Later that year, I began practicing as a Personal Coach.
  • At age 25, I left behind a permanent address and pursued the life of a digital nomad, eager to see who I became when I was on the road.

Some people say, “Wow. You’re so courageous to live that way.” I appreciate their kindness and though I don’t deny that the journey has been hard, living in essential truth has become my simplest way of existing in this complex world. It’s amazing how much space opened in my life when I stopped living from a conflictual place of self-delusion. Instead of constantly choosing how to act or what to say, there is always one choice: The choice that is true for me. Living my essential truth is the compass that guides me during difficult times.

My work has been published on Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, and more. I have worked with over 100 clients of all ages across the United States and Canada and am currently accepting new clients. You can contact me here and learn more about personal coaching here.