Hailey Magee

Trained at Erickson Coaching International, I am a Trailblazer Coach, writer, digital nomad, and the founder of Talisman Music Group, the first and only career coaching group explicitly for emerging musicians. The trailblazers of today are the role models of tomorrow. I envision a world where trailblazers are empowered to leave their footprints on uncharted territory worldwide. I envision a world where trailblazers unfurl a world of possibility - professional possibility, emotional possibility, spiritual possibility, and more - to people everywhere. 

I’ve experienced the benefits of trailblazing firsthand, and as a result, my life is richer now than it’s ever been. For my first 21 years I climbed a narrow ladder in the hope of achieving “success.” I sought promotions, awards, my name in print, and cash in my wallet. On the outside, I was happy, escalating at my job in politics and maintaining an active social life. But on the inside, I was burned out and dissatisfied. My natural gifts for community-building and active listening weren’t respected in my workplace. I was neglecting my body by drinking, under-eating, and over-exercising. I experienced deep bouts of anxiety that shook me to my core.

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy. Wasn’t I doing everything I’d been applauded for since my childhood? Wasn’t this the “success” that everyone wanted?

Ultimately, painfully striving to achieve a vague notion of success wasn’t working for me. So for the first time, I paid attention to the dissatisfaction that was manifesting in my heart, body, and mind. The more I listened, the more my inner voice told me what she wanted - and she whispered of something brand new. She had an innovative vision for her work, her relationships, and her lifestyle. And for the first time in 21 years, I was ready to listen.

So I made a leap. I jumped ship - a ship whose deck I’d been swabbing my whole life - and made a new track through uncharted territory. With the support of my family, the advice of my friends, and the wisdom of my mentors, I’ve been blazing that trail ever since, guided by my heart and my intuition.

Here’s where it’s led me:

  • At age 21, I created a 500+ member grassroots community that provided support, connection, and opportunity to emerging singer-songwriters in Boston.
  • At age 22, I quit my full-time job in politics and pursued a career in Boston’s music industry.
  • Later that year, I founded Talisman Music Group, a career coaching group business for musicians in New England, and began doing that work part-time.
  • At age 23, I quit drinking and committed to a sober lifestyle.
  • Later that year, I quit my other part-time job and became fully self-employed.
  • At age 24, I experienced a painful heartbreak and came face-to-face with my own codependency, sparking a lifelong process of healing and discovery.
  • Later that year, I began practicing as a Transformation Coach.
  • At age 25, I left behind a permanent address and pursued the life of a digital nomad, eager to see who I became when I was on the road.

At times, it has been overwhelming. At times, it has been scary. But never - not once - have I regretted the intuitive decisions that led me to where I am now. I want to share this empowering way of life with others. I want to help you release your inner trailblazer and create the life of your dreams.

I have worked with over 100 clients of all ages across the United States and Canada. Though the questions my clients address are diverse, I sense in each of them the profound desire to find greater clarity, inspiration, and transformation.

I am currently accepting new clients. You can contact me here and learn more about Trailblazer Coaching here.